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Fountains, streams and waterfalls meet the visitor while wandering on the slopes of Oiti. The stream of Kakavos, at the entrance of Ypati, fed the mills of the village.

The visitor has a multitude of activities to choose from to make staying interesting.

  • The Equestrian Club
  • The castle
  • the Byzantine Museum

Excursions like:

  • in the Monastery of Agathon
  • The Monastery of Damasta
  • The Proussos Monastery
  • Karpenissi
  • Velouxi

The mapped trail in the Forest of Oiti is a unique experience for the wild nature lovers and hikers.


Rumeli cuisine in local picturesque taverns. Famous are the locusts, as well as local traditional products (trachanas, noodles, etc.) and pastries. In the Baths of Ypates there are various suggestions for evening entertainment with bars and music cafe.


"The Burning of Judas": Easter Day, after the Vespers of Love, in the courtyard of the church of St. Nicholas, the Pope drags the "closed" dance and burns Judas' likeness. There is a folk festival on the square with plenty of wine and local roasts. The celebration of Neohori (20/7) is famous.

Monastery of Panagia Agathon

Historical Monastery (14th century) amidst beautiful natural landscape on the slope of Oiti (altitude 600m) with its rare frescoes and precious relics. At the monastery there is a game farm and the Museum of Natural History of Oiti.

The Oiti National Park

Access is via Baths Ipati, Ipati (for climbers) Lychnos and Kastania (by road).

At the site "Livadies" there is the famous alpine lake where alpine tritons (amphibians) live. The hiking trails on the trails of Oiti have been stamped on a special map that can be obtained in the area. The mountainous refuge of the Bank at the place "Bank", as well as its paths proposed for hiking trails, its rare herbs and flowers and its special fauna, are elements that lure every climber.

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